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July 29, 2010


Basic Love Spell #1

by Amelia Piper

In this series we’ll be presenting some basic love spells. These have all been tested, and are effective. However, none are as effective as a love spell cast with a professionally prepared spell kit.

This particular spell is designed to attract a new lover. It is not the kind of spell you would cast on a specific person, but rather, should be cast when you want to bring a new lover into your life. This spell is for a woman to cast, to attract a new man or woman into her life.

Setting Up

The spell should be cast on the night of a full moon. It can be cast one night either side of the full moon, but will be slightly more powerful on the full moon night itself.

You will need the following items to cast this spell:

  • A sheet of paper
  • A red pen
  • Rose petals, preferably pink or red
  • An envelope, large enough for the folder paper and rose petals
  • Some of the perfume you wear the most often

Casting The Love Spell

First, spend a few minutes considering the kind of person you want to meet. Think about their physical attributes, as well as their personality traits. Be quite specific, but don’t try and envision a particular person – this spell is about attracting someone you don’t yet know.

Now write down all those qualities and attributes on the paper, using the red pen. Fold the paper, and place it in the envelope.

Take the rose petals, and sprinkle or spray them with a little of the perfume. It doesn’t need to be your favourite perfume, but should be the one you wear the most often. Hold the scented petals tightly in both hands, clasped together. Try and imagine yourself happy, and with the person of your dreams. Makes this image as vivid as you can. Try and really feel the joy and happiness. Hold the image for a few minutes, then place the petals in the envelope and seal it.

Finally, place the envelope under your pillow. Leave it there for seven nights. You must sleep with your head on that pillow for each of the seven nights, if you miss a night, the spell will be broken.

After the seventh night, remove the envelope. You can then dispose of it in any way you want, even burning it (taking precautions to do so safely if you choose to do this). The envelope is no longer required, the spell will have taken hold.

Additional Notes

Some variations of this spell suggest that you should never open the envelope as doing so would break the spell. However, in our experience this is not at all the case. All of the work of the spell is done in the first seven nights, after that, the envelope can be safely destroyed or dispensed with.

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