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July 21, 2010


My Love Spell Story – Andrew M.

by Amelia Piper

In this series of “My Love Spell Story” interviews, we will be interviewing people who have used love spells, and finding out what their experience was like. ¬†For this first interview, I chatted with Andrew M. (LSM): Hi Andrew, and thanks for agreeing to share your story. Perhaps to start off you could tell me briefly who you are, and where you come from?

Andrew: Its a pleasure to be here. Well my name is Andrew, I am now 42 years old, and I live with my wife in New York city. I work as a mechanic, and that’s the only job I’ve ever done – I love messing around with cars and motors.

LSM: Great! So you mentioned your wife, did she become your wife as a result of a love spell?

Andrew. Not directly. I mean, I didn’t cast a love spell and she married me! But yes, I did use a love spell to get together with her in the first place. So actually, I guess that means the answer really is ‘yes’!

LSM: Can you tell us about your situation before that? What was going on in your life that eventually led you to use a spell?

Andrew: Sure. So I guess I’ve always been a bit of a lone ranger. I’ve always had friends, but I am someone who is comfortable with my own company, and when I was younger that meant I didn’t go out of my way to make more friends, and particularly, to meet girls. So as I got older, I had very little experience with girls, and that made it harder to meet them. It was a vicious circle. When I did meet them, I had a hard time relating to them. I didn’t live in New York back then, I was a small town boy, and in small towns you get a reputation real quick. I got a bit of a reputation as the local odd-ball.

LSM: Right, I can see how that would make it hard to get dates.

Andrew: Exactly. As time went by, it really took away my self confidence. Eventually I moved to New York and quickly found work, and hoped that it would be a new start for me. But the fact I had no self esteem meant the damage was already done.

LSM: So is that when you decided to use a love spell?

Andrew: No, not straight away. If you had suggested a love spell to me at that point in my life, I wouldn’t have taken you seriously! No, before I got to that point, I was trying to do something about my confidence issues. I was seeing a shrink.

LSM: How did that work out for you?

Andrew: He made matters worse. I think he was trying to explore my “issues”, but it just felt like he was bitching at me that everything that was wrong in my life was my fault. Maybe it was, who knows. But that wasn’t what I needed to hear.

Then I tried a hypnotist. She did a little better, and I did find it easier to talk to people, and socialize a bit more, after my sessions with her. I saw her for about six months I think. But I still had a long way to go.

It was at that same time that I met my future wife. I had no idea then of course, but for me it was love at first sight. She was a customer at the garage – she bought in her car, and it had a few problems so she had to come back several times. She was stunningly beautiful, and all the guys in the garage were smitten.

LSM: Did you have the courage to ask her out?

Andrew: No! Already I had no confidence. Then one of the other guys, who I thought much better looking than me, more “macho”, did ask her out. She gave him some put-down that had everyone laughing. After that, there was no way on earth I could have asked her.

LSM: So you thought about a spell?

Andrew: I was looking round on the internet for stuff about self confidence, how to talk to women, pick up lines, that kind of thing. I saw an ad for a love spell, and clicked on it out of idle interest. I think I was thinking something like “Seriously? Spells? People believe in this stuff?” – I wanted to see what it was all about.

LSM: Lots of us believe!

Andrew: I know, I know, I’m not knocking spells. It’s just, well, I was more than a bit skeptical I guess. I only looked at that ad for a laugh. But when I read through the site, it did kind of make sense. The guy who did the spells sounded like he knew his stuff, and there were comments on the site from people who had used his services and it had worked out. I suppose the clincher for me was he had a guarantee.

LSM: Very important point. We talked about guarantees in our how to buy spells article recently.

Andrew: Yeah, for sure. So I thought why not? What did I have to lose? I suppose I went into it thinking it wouldn’t work, so I wouldn’t be disappointed when it didn’t.

LSM: What was the process of getting the spell? How did the spell caster communicate and what did they need from you?

Andrew: Everything was done by email. That suited me fine, as you can guess I don’t too much like the telephone. He wanted to know my full name and date of birth. He also needed the full name and date of birth of the person I wanted to be with. Well I had that from the documents in the garage, so that was no problem.

He also wanted to know if I had tried everything else in my power to be with this girl, the spell should be the last resort. I didn’t tell him I hadn’t actually asked her out! But to me, asking her out was impossible, so I had done everything in my power, kind of.

LSM: What happened next? How long did it take, and did you feel anything?

Andrew: Well the guy doing the spell went off and said he would do his thing. He said not to expect anything to happen for a few weeks, and that it could take up to a few months.

I didn’t really feel anything of the spell as such, except that the more time went on the more I wanted this girl. It was like fire in my belly – a burning desire. It became almost intolerable.

LSM: Were you still seeing the girl – was she still coming into the garage?

Andrew: She hadn’t been in for a week or so, the car was working (I’m good at my job). But she had got a job at the diner just near the garage. Me and the guys ate in there all the time, so we still kept seeing her!

LSM: Was that a good thing or a bad thing?

Andrew: Mixed really. The more I saw her the more I wanted her. It was painful to see her and not be with her. But I couldn’t stay away.

LSM: So I’m guessing the spell worked as she’s now your wife. How did that happen exactly?

Andrew: One day in the diner, in front of all the guys, she comes up to me and says “Andrew, I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to come out and say it. I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t sleep at night, I can’t think straight during the day. All I see is you in my head. What do you think can we do about that?”

I was gobsmacked. As were the guys. I didn’t know what to say. In the end I didn’t need to say anything, because she said it for me. She said “What about dinner at my place, say tonight at seven?”. I just kind of nodded! And that was that. I had a date!

LSM: How did it go?

Andrew: It was amazing. She really did seem to be as infatuated with me as I was with her. I was timid of course, but she kept making all the first moves. This is a bit embarrassing, but I stayed with her that first night. And we saw each other every evening that week. And the next week. The week after that she had to go away to see her parents, but she called me every day. I was like I was living a dream.

LSM: And you think the spell did this?

Andrew: I’m convinced of it. She had shown no interest in me at all up to that point. It was like someone flipped a switch, she just – fell in love with me I guess.

LSM: Wow! So how long after that were you married?

Andrew: We didn’t rush into marriage, we were just so happy being together. We weren’t slow either though, we were married about three years later – is that about normal? What is normal?

LSM: I don’t think there is a normal time. Did she know you cast a spell?

Andrew: Now yes, but she didn’t know for a long time. I finally told her after about a year. I was terrified she would be upset, but at the same time I wanted to be totally open and honest about everything, so I tried to mention it casually in passing.

LSM: What did she say?

Andrew: She was fine about it. She said maybe that explained her sudden feelings for me. I asked if that made me a fraud, or if it somehow devalued our relationship, but she dismissed that straight away. She said we both loved each other, the love was real, we were happy, and that was all that mattered.

LSM: Wow, so that’s a real success story! Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about using a love spell Andrew?

Andrew: Yes – go for it! What have you got to lose? Go in with an open mind. If it doesn’t work, you’re not in a worse position than before, and at least you tried. If you don’t try it, it’s certain it wont work. So try it, you might be pleasently surprised.

LSM: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us Andrew. And congratulations on your success. I must say you don’t strike me as someone who is shy or who finds it hard to make friends.

Andrew: No, that’s changed a lot since I met Katie. Being with her has really boosted my confidence. She is a beautiful woman, and she wants to be with me. That has to help.

LSM: So love spells really can change your life!

Andrew: Love can change your life, and love spells can bring you love, so yeah, definitely.

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  1. trait1
    Feb 26 2012

    I was wondering if I can get the contact info or the website of this spell caster. I cant find a good one

  2. katieseestars
    Dec 27 2012

    can you tell me who andrew used?

  3. natsu
    Jun 29 2014

    Just curious which caster did Andrew use?

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