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August 4, 2010


Basic Love Spell #2

by Amelia Piper

This simple spell will attract a named person to you. If you are looking to attract someone new to you and don’t yet know them, you should try Basic Love Spell #1. The spell can be cast by men or women, and used to attract someone of either sex.

As with all the free love spells presented on this site, this spell has been tested and works, but will never bee as effective or efficient as a professionally prepared commercial spell.

Setting Up

This spell should be cast on the eve of the New Moon (not the full moon). It must be cast in isolation, there must not be anyone with ten meters of you when you cast this spell.

You will need:

  • A sheet of paper
  • A red pen
  • An envelope
  • A photograph of the person you are trying to attract
  • The persons full name and full date of birth
  • A red candle

Casting The Spell

Start by writing the full name and date of birth of the person you desire, nine times (one time per line) on the paper, in red pen.

Place the photo on top of the paper, and fold both together, twice – ie into quarters. Place the folded paper/photo combination into the envelope. Seal the envelope.

Light the candle, taking care not to present any fire hazard.

Now place the envelope in front of the candle. Close your eyes, and picture the person you want attract. When you have a clear image of them in your head, picture yourself with them. Feel the happiness and joy that you know you will feel when you are actually with this person. Hold that image for as long as you can.

Then open your eyes. With the candle still lit, tilt it just enough that some of the melted wax drips onto the envelope, sealing it. The blow out the candle.

Place the envelope under your pillow, and leave it there for seven nights. You must sleep on that pillow for each of the seven nights or the spell may be broken.

After the seven nights are up, you can dispose of the envelope and the candle in any way you desire.

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