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August 17, 2010

Basic Love Spell #3

by Amelia Piper

This love spell, like all our free love spells, has been tested and works. As always, we still recommend using professionally prepared spells as they will usually provide quicker results.

The spell is for attracting a specific person to you. It can be cast by either sex, on either sex. It is based on an old pagan ritual, and uses the elements to bind you to the person you love.

What You Need:

  • A photograph of the person you want to fall in love with you
  • A paper and pen
  • A candle, preferably red but if this isn’t available, white can be used
  • A river or lake, or the sea

Setting Up

This spell can be started at any time of day or night, but must be completed at night when the person you desire is asleep, and under a moon that is bright enough to illuminate water.

Casting The Spell

Part One – Cast Any Time of Day or Night

1. Start by placing the photograph in front of you. Look at the picture to get a clear image of the person, then close your eyes and hold that image in your head. Spend a few minutes to think of ten positive attributes of the person.

2. Open your eyes, and take the pen and paper. Write the full name of the person seven times on the paper. Underneath, write down at least ten positive attributes (good looks, kind personality etc) that you associated with them.

3. Under that, write down a paragraph and describe one thing you would do on a perfect day with this person. It doesn’t need to be a novel, just a few lines saying how you would spend time with them.

4. When done, fold the paper and photo together, and seal them with a kiss.

5. Light the candle, and taking careful precautions against fire etc, burn the paper and photo, catching the ash in a suitable receptacle (eg: a dinner place). Then blow out the candle. You can dispose of the candle or reuse it as you like. Gather the ashes, and store them safely in an envelope or jar. You will need them for part two.

Part Two – Cast At Night

This part of the spell is to be completed at night, when the subject is likely to be asleep. There must be enough of a moon to see the water of a river or lake, or the sea. It doesn’t matter which phase the moon is in.

6. Take the container with the ashes of the burnt paper and photo to the water source.

7. Stand at the edge of the water, and hold the ashes in your hand. Close your eyes, and repeat the following mantra:

“[NAME OF PERSON], these ashes symbolise my love and desire for you. As they combine with this water, mother earth will carry my love to you. You will feel an intense love and desire for me, [YOUR NAME]”.

(Replace the names in brackets as appropriate.)

8. Open your eyes and cast the ashes out into the water.

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