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August 24, 2010


Can You Use Love Spells on Celebrities?

by Amelia Piper

A question I am asked on a regular basis is “Can I use a love spell on a celebrity?” The answer is yes, but there is a big caveat…

Falling in love with celebrities is something that been happening since, well, there have been celebrities to fall in love with! Many people assume that it’s the sort of thing only lovesick teenagers do, but in fact it happens to people of all ages, all the time.

It’s easy to see why as well. People on television and in film are increasingly on show. They get more coverage than ever before. And more often than not they are very attractive. Partly because they already had certain attributes that got them noticed and thus to where they are, and partly because fame and money buys nice clothes and better than average personal grooming.

So what about using a love spell on, say, a film star? Certainly a good professionally prepared spell will work on a celeb as well as it will work on the girl or boy next door. They are human after all. Here’s the catch though; the spell will make the person you’re casting it on have strong feelings of love and desire for you, but they won’t know who you are, so they won’t be able to do anything about those feelings.

From their point of view, they will be falling in love with someone who exists only in their imagination. They’ve never met you, so have no way of knowing that the love they have is for someone very real.

Given this limitation, should you use a love spell on a celebrity? If you think there is a chance that they will meet you and therefore fall in love with you, then absolutely. But for most people, that’s not going to happen, and casting a spell us just going to give you false hope.

One final word on this, speaking as someone who has previously worked in television and has met more than my fair share of famous people. Most of them are a big disappointment in “real life”! It’s easy to fall in love with an on-screen persona, but no matter how well we think we might know someone in the public eye, the reality is, in my experience at least, often very different. In other words, you might think you’re in love with a celebrity, but in fact you’re in love with their public image, not the real them.

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  1. Michelle
    Oct 9 2010

    yea true… But i know about a spell caster that can cast a spell to make the celebrity develop strong feelings for you and then channel your destinies to meet somewhere, somehow.

    • silverstar
      Jan 7 2011

      Michelle. If you wouldn’t mind could you tell me more about the spell caster you mentioned or contact info.

      • mamawdiana
        Jul 28 2011

        CaN you plEase give me the info too

        • mini_me
          Oct 27 2011

          I would very appreciate if I too could get the info.

    • ashleybee
      Oct 18 2011

      I want to know of this spell caster!!!!!!!

    • julz87
      Nov 1 2011

      If you wouldn’t mind could you tell me too about the spell caster?

    • mimi
      Dec 4 2011

      Michelle i would like info on the spell caster u mentioned please

    • hima
      Feb 22 2012

      Miss Michelle if you don’t mind may i ask if you could share this information with me. I would be eternally gratefully seeing as i need something good to happen in my life for once.

    • tasnimborshaislam
      Jul 19 2014

      Dear michell I need your help . I need to find a spell castor. If you could help me I would be so grateful .

  2. toppgun65
    Feb 14 2011

    Life in the limelight can be hard and filled with distractions but otherwise celebrities are just people and if they are not using
    protection magic they will yield to the influence like anyone else.

  3. italiano_m26
    Nov 12 2011

    hello michelle…i was wondering if u could tell me more info about how to cast a spell on a celebrity..especially with an autographed pic of her…how do u do it?

  4. Winnie
    Apr 29 2012

    Hello Michelle, I am new to this site and I ran across your post saying you have a spell to make a celebrity fall in love with you. I was wanting to know what this spell is please tell me. How is it done?

  5. kelkel
    Nov 23 2012

    I think Michelle is quite gone. She posted that tease back in 2010, and it’s now 2012. I think it’s safe to say she won’t ever respond.

    The first thing that came to mind when considering placing a love spell on a celebrity is the succession of steps that would need to be fulfilled before that can happen.

    First, perform a spell to cross paths with that person. Leave the energies of the Universe open to determining how, when, where, etc., and just do a spell to encounter them in a way that there is communication, correspondence and connection.

    Without contact, the author of this article is correct that a love spell won’t stick or manifest the way it’s intended.

    One way that might be helpful in establishing contact is sending a letter as a fan, and enchant the letter that it will reach the celebrity directly, be noticeable and have sufficient content to warrant a reply. Ideally, the celebrity, coming into contact with your personal item, i.e. the letter, may give the spell direction so that they will think of you, the sender of the letter, and want to reach out and contact you in reply.

    The content of the letter would likely need to be above and beyond what the celebrity is accustomed to receiving from fan mail, however, I don’t recommend embellishing or lying about having a dying wish, or anything like that.

    It could be simply, I’ve never had the opportunity to see you perform live, you have give”n so much to the world, you’re an inspiration, and it would be an absolute pleasure to meet you.”

    Place the letter next to a candle, through the smoke of incense, spend time empowering the letter to work as a tool of enchantment to gain a reply, so that it will reach the celebrity and cause them to be fascinated by it, and ultimately contact you.

  6. Dg99
    Mar 24 2014

    My only question’s are
    1 can you recommend a good spell caster ?
    And 2 if you contact a celebrity by email will a spell work that way ?

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