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August 2, 2010


Should You Use A Custom Love Spell?

by Amelia Piper

The number of love spells available to purchase on the internet is growing every day. The latest trend is for custom, or bespoke, love spells that you cast yourself. Of course, spells cast by professional casters have always been somewhat bespoke, in that the caster will usually request a certain amount of information from the customer. They will then tailor their own spell to the particular situation.

But custom do it yourself spells are something new. And they worry me.

You see, having developed love spells myself, as well as having cast spells for other people, I understand just what’s involved. Casting a bespoke spell is a complex process, and requires a lot of experience, and a deep understanding of the nuances of spell casting.

Do-it-yourself spells on the other hand, are designed specifically to cover a wide range of scenarios. They take years of development and tweaking to get them right. All of which means it is almost impossible to create a custom DIY spell on a per customer basis. It would simply take too long, and there would be no guarantees it would work because the testing and development that normally takes place, would not have happened.

A good cast-it-yourself spell doesn’t need to be customised. Its very strength lies in its versatility, and the fact it can be used by anyone with no prior experience. So why the sudden fashion for bespoke spells?

I suspect it all comes down to marketing. In an increasingly crowded space, with new spells popping up all the time, it’s harder for less than honest pedlars of snake oil solutions to get themselves noticed. Customisation is, sadly, just the latest weapon in the battle for the wallets of uninformed and unsuspecting customers.

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