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September 6, 2010


Reviewed: Instant Love Spell

by Amelia Piper

Robert Mason and Robin Stone’s Instant Love Spell is one of the best known spells on the market. It has a reputation as being formidably powerful, able to make almost anyone fall deeply in love with anyone.

We’ve wanted to publish a full review for some time, but love spells are notoriously difficult to test and review. They only work effectively in a situation where the person casting has a genuine desire for the person they are casting on. That means the person writing the review has to actually need the spell.

Not only that, it would be unethical to cast a powerful spell on someone just to test the product!

Fortunately for us one of our readers – Janet S. (we won’t give her surname, to provide a little privacy) – purchased and used this spell not long ago. She offered us a review, and with her kind permission, we are publishing that review below.

I first came across the Instant Love Spell when looking for ways to get back my boyfriend of 7 years. Things had been rocky for a year or so, and at the start of 2010, he started sleeping with a woman he works with. I tried and tried to sort things out between us, not least for the sake of our 3 year old son, Ben. But Steve, my boyfriend, was having none of it. He became abusive (though never violent), and in February he walked out on Ben and me and moved in with this other woman.

It was some time in March, when home alone, searching the internet for ways to win back an ex boyfriend, that I stumbled upon Robert Mason and Robin Stone’s website. I would probably have dismissed the idea of a love spell as some kind of joke. But my desperation, perhaps mixed with the quantity of wine I had drunk to try and numb the pain, made me read the whole of their site.

It sounded almost too good to be true. According to them, I just downloaded their spell, listened to some kind of recording, and then I would get my boyfriend back. I wasn’t convinced, but was certainly intrigued. I sent an email to Robert and Robin, asking if they thought their spell work work for me. I didn’t really expect a reply, so was surprised when one came back a few hours later.

Robert had written the reply, and he assured me that my situation was not at all uncommon, and that they had helped many people in the same boat as me. The fact I even got a reply gave me enough confidence to place my order right there and then. It was $97, which seemed like the bargain of the century if it actually worked. There was a money back guarantee, so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. The worst that could happen would be that I got my hopes up only to have them dashed. That was certainly worth the risk, as not trying would mean giving up hope of getting Steve back.

Ordering the spell was easy enough. I clicked the order link, then had to choose if I wanted the spell mailed to me on CD, or get a version I could download. I took the download option because I wanted to start straight away. Then I went through the checkout page, paid by credit card (it appears that PayPal was also a valid option), and then I was instantly back at a page whereby I could download the spell kit.

There were two files to download, the special recording, and an instruction booklet. There were clear instructions on how to download both. The whole process took less than 5 minutes.

I started off with the instruction guide. It was clearly laid out, and well written. It was only about 7 or 8 pages of quite large print, so didn’t take too long to read. It explained how the spell works (using morphic fields, apparently), what I needed in order to cast the spell, and then how to actually cast it. There was also a planner showing which days to cast on. The spell must be cast several times, according to a timetable. The planner made it very easy to see which days to do it, depending on which day I started.

Before proceeding, I needed to find some specific things. I needed a photo of Steve, or I could use any object he had touched in the past. Having lived with him for many years, I had a lot of options, and I chose to use a photo.

I also needed a red candle. I didn’t have any in the house. The instruction booklet gave a suggestion for where I could get one online, but I just drove to the nearest hardware store and got one there.

With the candle and the photo, I was all set to go. The instructions said the first three castings should be done at around the same time each day for three days, and that it was important not to be disturbed while doing it. So I chose a time when Ben was at kindergarten and I knew I would be left alone.

The actual casting was, well, amazing! I started playing the recording (I transferred it from the computer to my iPod, but it could be played just as easily on the computer), lit the candle, and closed my eyes. The photo was placed in front of the candle. In the recording, I heard the voice of Robin, and he talked me through making some pictures in my mind. In the background, there was a kind of clicking sound. Apparently this is part of the magic of the spell. The clicking is at a special frequency that tunes your mind so it can control the morphic fields that pervade the whole universe.

Within minutes, I felt more relaxed than I’ve ever felt in my life. I wasn’t hypnotised, I was fully awake and aware of what I was doing, I was just very very relaxed. I followed the instructions, and after less than ten minutes I was all done. To be honest, I wanted it to last longer, the feeling was so wonderful.

When I was finished, I wasn’t entirely sure if I had done it right. The instruction guide said that this was normal, so I figured I would just carry on.

The next day I did the second casting. This meant basically repeating what I had already done. This time, although I didn’t feel any different during the process, when I was done, I got flushed with this strong feeling that this was going to work. It’s really hard to explain, it was just this great sense of confidence that Steve was going to come back.

I completed the third casting on the third day, then I had to wait a week. After that week was up, there were more castings to be done.

The hardest part of the whole process was the waiting. Each casting took around 10 minutes, so that left a lot of time to wonder what was happening. I’m not a very patient person, and I wanted results quickly. But the guide told me that spells don’t work like that, they work gradually over time.

About three weeks after I started the spall, I got a call from Steve. This was unexpected, he had been avoiding all contact since he moved out. When he called, he said that he had been thinking a lot about me, and realised he had treated me badly. He said we should try and remain friends, for the sake of Ben. He wasn’t ready to see me yet, but he said he would call again soon.

Was this the first signs of the spell working? It seemed too much of a coincidence that he just called for no other reason! I had already begged him to stay in touch with Ben, and he hadn’t been interested. I was full of hope.

That hope was a little short lived though. The following week I saw Steve in town, and he saw me and actively avoided me, jumping into his car and driving off before I could get to him. I was devastated. What was going on? He seemed further away than ever.

Discouraged, I sent another email to Robert. I think I had consumed a fair bit more wine at this point, drowning my sorrows, and my email is not one I can be proud of, or would like to show anyone. Even so, Robert was courteous enough to reply. He assured me that because the spell is a gradual process, there are ups and downs and this is to be expected. He reminded me that it was important to complete the casting timetable.

That gave me another boost of confidence, and before long I was onto the next stage of casting. This took another couple of weeks. Each individual casting was the same process, I just had to do them on the days the instructions told me to.

A month after having ordered the spell, I had done all the castings recommended. Three days after that, Steve turned up on the doorstep. He said he had come to see Ben, but there was something in his eyes that told me he wanted to see me as well. Suddenly things were looking up again!

My thoughts were confirmed when he came round the next day, and the day after that. Each day he spent a little less time with Ben, and a little more time with me. On the fourth day he came round, and Ben wasn’t there – he’d been collected from kindergarten by another mom and I was due to collect him a few hours later. I told Steve this, and his eyes glinted. Before I knew it, we had ended up in bed! It was amazing, it was like we were when we first met.

Later, he and I went to get Ben together, and all three of us came back to the house. And Steve has basically been back there ever since. He had quit the new woman, and when we talked about that and I worked out the dates, I realised he had done so two weeks after I started the spell. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about me, and that he couldn’t look her in the eye. I asked him why he hadn’t come back there and then, and he said it was because he felt confused about his feelings. But they only got stronger and stronger, and in the end he felt totally compelled to be with me again.

I was stunned – this was exactly what Robert and Robin’s website had said would happen. Not only had I got Steve back, but we were better than ever. He clearly loved me as much as I loved him. We were quickly able to put all the problems of the past behind us, and move forwards.

I have no doubts that it was the Instant Love Spell that brought us back together. The dates and times that everything happened correspond exactly. And the feelings I got when I cast just somehow made me know that it was working.

I have no hesitation in recommending this spell to anyone who needs to make someone fall in love with them. When I think back to how bad things were between us, with the abuse, the hate, the other woman and everything else, and then how things are now, I know that it if can fix all that, it can fix anything.

The spell was easy to order, and easy to use. The instructions were clear and concise, and on the two occasions I wrote to Robert, he responded quickly and courteously. I can’t thank him enough for fixing my (and Ben’s) relationship with Steve. Thanks to the spell, we’re a loving family again.


Thanks again to Janet for sharing her review of theĀ Instant Love Spell. More information about the spell can be round at the product’s website – click here to go there (opens in a new window).

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  1. tarotgirl
    Feb 20 2012

    hi can you give me more info about how to get this spell can it be used to get someone to open up more about their feeliings.


  2. southern_bell
    Jun 9 2013

    I have no way to download this spell. How do I choose to get the CD ordered? Also, I am with the person I want to be with but desire for our love to be stronger and for him to become more affectionate, caring, and understanding. Can the spell work for me?

  3. MsAnonInLove
    Jan 4 2014

    So apparently people are still trying this out because I’m one of them but to see that someone in June of last year just did the same thing I don’t feel so whacky. I am in my 2nd round of the cast which will be the last round and then I have to wait for the “magic to happen.” I’m skeptical, nervous, in love, desperate, etc and I just need this to work. I don’t even look at this as a spell. I really just see it as being able to communicate your true feelings for someone through your mind and energy. Some things have been different I have noticed but I’m not sure if it is this or if it’s just coincidence? I won’t know until the casting is 100% complete. Either way don’t give up hope and try it for yourself. They give you encouragement and support along the way! The only thing I wish is to see and hear more updates from people.

  4. Anumber5
    Jul 5 2014

    I recently ordered the love spell and your right it feels amazing with each casting right now I’m on my 4th reinforcement spell. I first initial castings I felt good like I just graduated from high school the reinforcements on the other hand had me feeling amazing it was just this boost of confidence and reassurance. I did have doubts a few times but Robert told me that doubt it natural and it was just me caring about the outcome. I still have the recording on my flashdrive if someone needs it. (I have the recording on my phone)

    • angelwings
      Nov 9 2014

      Hey can you send me the audio. Pls

    • Someone
      Mar 19 2015

      Hi Anumber5,

      I had to recording for the spell, but it has been deleted by accident. I have tried to get another copy, but nothing as yet.

      Would you be kind enough to send me a recording of the Morphic Love Spell.

      Your help is greatly appreciated in this matter.

    • sprouty
      Jun 2 2015

      I am very interested in finding out if the spell worked for you? and if you still have the recordings i would like to try it out;
      thank you

    • pammik11
      Oct 3 2015

      Hi, I also used this spell and have the recording but lost the instructions. Would be really grateful if someone could send me those please.

    • lilshorty
      Nov 30 2015

      I would like this if you still have.

    • rosy
      Dec 10 2015

      Hi.. Do u still have the recording?

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