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November 5, 2010

Smudging Before Casting Spells

by Amelia Piper

Before casting any kind of spell, including a love spell, it can be a good idea to clear out any negative energy both from your mind and your surroundings. Some casters call this process smudging. So how exactly do go about smudging?

There are a number of methods, but by far the easiest and most accessible is the use of incense sticks, the kind you can safely burn indoors.

Start by lighting the stick in the middle of the room you want to cleanse. Let it burn to halfway down. While it is burning, find a comfortable sitting position (or lay down if you prefer), and enter a light meditation. If you’ve never meditated before, it’s quite simple. Just close your eyes, and with count down in your mind slowly from 100 to 1, or slow your breathing and concentrate on every breath in and out. Either way the idea is to empty your mind of all thoughts except one – either the numbers or your breathing.

Burning half the incense should take about half an hour. After that, come out of your meditation, pick up the incense (taking necessary safety precautions of course) and walk clockwise around the edge of the room. Allow the smoke from the incense to filter into every corner of the room. When you have completed a tour of the room, extinguish the incense, then open a window. The negative energy of the room will exit through the window, carried by the incense smoke.

Performing this smudging ritual will clear your mind and your room of negative energy. Of course, it is as much symbolic as it is physical, but that is why it is so powerful.

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