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April 21, 2011


Are Love Spells Manipulative?

by Amelia Piper

An accusation often levelled at love spells and those who use them, is that “magic” is a form of manipulation and is therefore immoral. It’s easy to understand why the uninitiated might think this way, after all, a love spell is generally intended to try and get someone to do something they’re not doing right now. At first glance that seems like a clear case of manipulation, but is it really that simple?

My dictionary defines manipulation as “control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously”. So to determine whether or not love spells are manipulative, we have to find out if they control or influence people, and if so, to what extent.

Love spells certainly do influence people, I don’t think there can be any doubt about that. But control them? I’m not so sure. The objective of a love spell (and I’m talking about real spells here, not silly rituals or chants that have no weight or value), is to get someone to fall in love with you and do something about it, ie seek to be with you.

The spell itself could be termed as an influence, as it is creating love where there is none, or is strengthening pre-existing love. So it’s influencing emotions. But is it controlling a person? Hardly. When someone feels love for another person, they choose how to act on that love. The love, if strong enough, will compel the person to act. But that urge, that necessity to act, comes from within. It is the person themselves who chooses to act.

We can say then, that a love spell influences, even if it doesn’t control. That leaves the question of whether or not this influence is “clever, unfair, or unscrupulous”. I think we can forget those last two – love is a joyful and beneficial emotion. “Clever” though? Perhaps. Real love spells aren’t difficult, they’re not rocket science or brain surgery! They’re a simple process that when done right, yields fantastic results.

My conclusion then, has always been that love spells are not manipulative. It’s hard to make someone do something against their free will, and that’s not what love spells are about. They are intended to bring love and joy, and the recipient of the spell will always choose to act on those emotions of their own free will. Yes, it’s a fine line between influence and manipulation, but a very important one nonetheless.

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  1. 9x
    May 22 2011

    I have to wonder about my situation now. I feel that my lover/soul mate has cast a spell upon me-needlessly, as I fell for this person from the get-go, as supposedly she did for me also. And this wouldn’t have concerned me because we had a love of epic proportions for one another. However, now it seems she is using this just to cause me great pains & suffering – knowing that I’ll be back for more, no matter how much she hurts me! And I do, time after time! I know she has been hurt many times by men in her past & I can’t help but wonder if she’s taking that out on me now. This hurts me- tremendously at times, yet I forgive it & return…I would appreciate anyone’s takes on this matter.

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