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May 30, 2011

5 Ways To Attract Love Into Your Life

by Amelia Piper
attract love into your life

This guest post is from Roger Marksham, a relationship councillor who has a different take on finding love. You see for some, love spells aren’t the answer. Good old fashioned techniques can work just as well! Here’s what Roger has to say…

Everyone needs love in their life, and while the benefits of love are many, finding it can often be difficult. A new thought for many people is the idea that attracting love is a better alternative than looking for it, but how does a person attract love? Here are 5 ways to attract love into your life. If you apply them, I think you may be amazed at what you will find.

1. Networking. Start meeting new people. By making more friends you increase your chances of finding someone that you’re attracted to. Making new friends is not that hard. Try and start a hobby then join a local club and go to their meetings.

You could also try online dating, but don’t be afraid to go on a dinner date if invited, how else do you plan to find love if you are always in the house.

Also explain to your friends that you’re looking for love, people familiar with you can recommend someone that may be compatible with your personality. In fact, after the workplace, mutual friends are the second most common way of meeting life partners.

2. Enjoy your life and learn to have fun by yourself. People are attracted to fun loving individuals because no one likes an unhappy single person who mopes around looking for love. It is wise to find happiness within yourself and not depend on others to make you happy. Being happy makes you attractive to others.

3. Take care of yourself. Get a haircut, trim your nails regularly, get a massage and feel pampered. Get in the habit of doing things you love to do, in this way you will be happier with your life. People are attracted to happy people, and if you’re happy then people will be attracted to you. A good outward appearance is a sign of a happy person.

4. Treat others well and they will feel compelled to treat you the same way. A kind and polite person is very a desirable mate, and if you treat yourself and others well you will surely get noticed.

5. Have positive thoughts and invoke gratefulness for all you have in life. Before going to sleep try and think of as many things that you are thankful for in your life. Appreciation and being grateful for your own life is one of the keys to happiness and will definitely attract positive events, situations, and people into your life.

These are the 5 ways to attract love into your life. If you’re successful in applying them you will surely find the love you’re looking for.

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  1. jitenderb027
    Mar 9 2014

    Do you think all is possible if person is already in depression. i know what ever you written is good, if follow.. but if a person is already heart broken and passing thorugh that phase, he/she will not follow your lines untill he/she will self relaize… but its very difficult task..

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