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May 5, 2011

Love Spell Myths Debunked: Bad Karma

by Amelia Piper
Bad Karma

Hands up anyone who ever heard that casting a spell on someone could result in bad karma? Don’t be shy if you think that’s true, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is you’re wrong, but that’s ok, there are far worse things to be wrong about, right?

Where does the idea of bad karma come from, and why is it so prevalent? I can’t answer the first of those questions, and I don’t suppose anybody really can with any degree of certainty. The second is easier though; the idea prevails because of a simple lack of understanding about what spells are and how they work.

Talk about spells, and particularly love spells, and people will often assume that you are using some kind of manipulation. And that’s bad, right? Of course it is, or at least, it would be if it were true. But spells don’t really manipulate people, because they can’t.

Genuine spells that actually work (as opposed to the fictional kind popularised by J.K. Rowling and Hollywood) simply cannot make people do something they don’t want to do. You cannot alter someone’s free will. Understand that, and you immediately understand that there is no basis for the use of a spell to bring about bad karma.

In fact, real spells use positive energy. They are overwhelmingly a force for good. Love spells spread joy and happiness. The people on both sides of the spell stand to benefit greatly from it’s use. Both will be happier as a result of it being cast. Why would that attract any negativity or bad karma?

Now let’s be clear about this, it’s not all sweetness and light, there are situations in which doing a love spell can cause upset to someone. If you cast a spell to get someone to fall in love with you, and that person is already in a relationship, there is a high risk that the third party (the other person in this existing relationship), will end up unhappier than had the spell not been cast, because the spell is going to cause their partner to leave.

However, this is an indirect consequence of the spell, and as such, there is no bad karma. The so-called three fold law does not apply. Such negative connotations only apply to anyone affected directly by an action, which in this case is the casting of a spell. You are not casting a spell on the third party, so are not directly responsible for what happens to them (karmically speaking).

It should go without saying that if you are considering using a spell in such a scenario, then you should think carefully about all the possible consequences, both direct and indirect. Just because bad karma isn’t going to come and get you, it doesn’t mean you can act indiscriminately. As with everything we do that involves other people, we need to take all those people into consideration and act accordingly.

That said, rest assured that bad karma caused by spells is just another of many myths surrounding their use. I’ll be debunking more myths on this site over the coming weeks.

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