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May 14, 2011


My Love Spell Story – Carey S.

by Amelia Piper
carey s

We continue our series of interviews with people who have used love spells, with the remarkable story of Carey. Carey contacted us after having read Andrew’s story. That’s not her real name by the way, she wanted to retain a little anonymity. In fact, our interview was conducted via email, with questions and replies going back and forth over the course of a couple of weeks.

Love Spells Magazine (LSM): Hi Carey! You got in touch about doing an interview after reading Andrew’s story here on Love Spells Magazine. What was it that made you want to share your own story?

Carey: Before I came across your site, I hadn’t really read much about other peoples experience using love spells. I had my own experience, and it was so overwhelmingly wonderful that I always wanted to share it with someone. But it’s not an easy thing to talk about with just anybody. So seeing Andrew’s interview made me think that here was a way I could talk about what happened to me, and spread the good news.

LSM: Excellent! Sounds like your spell worked out great. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s go back to the beginning. First off, could you tell me a bit about who you are, where you live, and what you do?

Carey: Sure. So right now I live in California. I’m actually British, and came from London. My husband got promoted in his company (a well known technology company), and so we moved here about three years ago. I don’t work a paid job, but I do voluntary work with disadvantaged kids. It’s wonderful, really fulfilling.

LSM: Sounds fantastic. Living the dream. I assume it wasn’t always that way though. You mention you moved with your husband, was this before or after your encounter with a love spell?

Carey: Before. So in fact, we moved here, and at first everything went ok. It was stressful of course. Moving home is already quite a stressful time. When you change country as well, it’s really hard! We didn’t know anyone, and we didn’t know the area. We’d been on vacation to Disneyland once, and that was our only experience of America. Coming here to live, we were thrown in at the deep end. And that stress probably was the start of our problems.

LSM: Tell me more about those problems – what happened to kill the dream?

Carey: Well Tony [Carey’s husband] wanted to make a good impression in his new position, as you can imagine. No sooner had we arrived here than he disappeared to work for weeks on end. He would leave the house at 6:30am, and not be home before midnight many days.

At first that was fine. I understood that he needed to establish himself in the new office, get to know his colleagues, get some respect and all that. I’d given up work to move, and now my job was to get our new life organised. We’d rented a house, and all our belongings had been shipped over. I wanted to get the place straight, and then get on with finding us somewhere more permanent to live.

Then there were all the other things you need to do when you move somewhere new. Meet the neighbours, try and make some friends, get involved in the community. Basically just try and get settled in.

So for weeks and weeks, we were living almost separate lives. Tony was at the office all day, at least six days a week and often seven. And I was at home, trying to build a new life for us. But it’s hard to do that when one half of “us” just isn’t there. We were building a new life, but each of us was building a different one. We hardly saw each other, and that made the stress of moving all the worse.

LSM: How did that stress manifest itself?

Carey: On the rare occasions we actually got to spend any time together, we would argue. I would complain that Tony was spending too much time at work. He would tell me that it was expected, and that I should be grateful to be living in a wonderful house in an amazing part of the world. That’s not what you want to hear when you’re spending all your time alone, in a strange city and country. So all our conversations would descend into arguments. Neither of us wanted that, and so we’d end up just avoiding conversation altogether. We drifted further and further apart.

LSM: You mentioned this happened over a period of weeks – are you talking about just a few weeks, or longer?

Carey: Well I guess for the first couple of weeks, maybe three or four, I tried to be understanding and accommodating. But by the end of our second month, we weren’t talking at all. And then about that time, I found out about the other woman.

LSM: Ok, that sounds serious. Who was she? How did she arrive on the scene?

Carey: She was some bimbo from Tony’s work. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t call her that, it’s unfair. But she was blond, and from what I can tell, not the smartest cookie! She was after a good time, and she didn’t care who she stepped on to get it. As it happens, she stepped on me. She knew Tony was married, but that didn’t stop her making a beeline for him. It turns out she set her sights on him the week we arrived, although I only found that out much later.

LSM: So what happened? Did Tony tell you about her, or did you find out yourself?

Carey: Well by this time I had started to make a few new friends. I’d joined a gym – which is something I would never have done back home – but everyone here seems to do. It seemed a good way to meet people. Some of the girls there had husbands or boyfriends who worked at the same place as Tony. I got to know a few of them.

One morning after a session at the gym, one of the girls asked if I wanted to join some of them for lunch, and I gladly accepted. When we arrived at the restaurant, I was introduced to more wives. And that’s when it happened. One of the women said to me “Oh, your married to Tony? I’m sorry . . .”

I didn’t understand what she meant. As she said it, I could tell immediately she hadn’t meant those words to come out. I asked her want she meant by it, but she wouldn’t say. Eventually, after much persuading by the other girls, she told me that she thought Tony had moved here on his own and wasn’t married. And the reason she though that, was because it was common knowledge in the office that he was seeing that blond bitch. Sorry, I mean blond woman!

LSM: Wow, harsh. I can’t imagine there’s a good way to find out something like that, but there’s got to be a better way than that. What happened next?

Carey: Right, it was awful. And in front of my new friends too. Well I waited up for Tony that evening. By the time he got in, I was absolutely fuming. I didn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. As he walked through the door I laid into him – screaming at him – asking what he though he was doing ruining our marriage for the sake of some blond bint.

He didn’t try and deny it, at least there’s that. He just sat down, and calmly told me everything. About how she had seduced him, how he had made it easy for her, and how he preferred to be with her than come home and argue with me. He seemed relieved it had all come out. And with that, he told me he was going to leave, to go and stay with her. He couldn’t look me in the eye, but he just got up, walked out, and shut the door behind him. He left me completely stunned. I was totally alone.

LSM: So what did you do? It must have been devastating!

Carey: Tell me about it. I was a wreck. I sat there crying all night, and then all the next day. I couldn’t move, couldn’t eat, couldn’t do anything. I tried calling him, but his phone was always off. In the end I called my mother, and poured my heart out. She persuaded me to come home to London. She said a break would do us both good, and would let me see clearer. I was in a kind of daze, so I just agreed. At least I was doing something. I got a taxi to the airport, and bought a plane ticket home.

LSM: If I can recap then: You’ve sold your home in London, moved to California, your husband has just left you for a younger woman, and now you’re back in London – staying with your mother. Your life is basically in tatters?

Carey: Yes, that’s about the size of it. My mother wanted me to forget Tony. She never liked him anyway. but I couldn’t forget. I loved him, and I felt responsible – maybe I hadn’t made enough of an effort, maybe I hadn’t given him the space he needed to adapt to our new life, I had driven him into her arms. One thing was sure though, I wanted him back, and I was going to get him back no matter what.

LSM: Is this when you started looking into love spells?

Carey: Pretty much. Not straight away though. I did a lot of searching on the internet on how to get back with someone. There was lots of books and things, I bought them all. They were all trash. They said things like “go out with other people and make him jealous”. Like that was even a possibility!

One of these books made a passing reference to love spells. It was a disparaging reference, something about people believing in them, but them being a silly idea. But a spell sounded like great idea to me! I had said countless times how I was going to need to pull out a magic wand to save my marriage, but I’d only meant it as a manner of speaking, I hadn’t considered the possibility that magic could really work.

LSM: But you were open minded enough to give it a go?

Carey: Sure, why not? I had nothing to lose, and potentially my marriage to save. So I did more research, and decided on a spell to use. It was a spell you download and do at home. I didn’t want some stranger doing a spell for me, and I didn’t want to have to tell them intimate details about myself or my husband. Doing the spell myself meant I could maintain a degree of privacy.

LSM: How was the spell to cast? Easy? Difficult?

Carey: Really easy. Actually, almost too easy. I thought to myself this can’t possibly work, it’s too simple. In fact, I even emailed the people I bought it from and asked it I was doing it right! They assured me I was, and that it really was easy to do. Actually I quite enjoyed casting the spell, it made me feel calm, at peace. That was the first time I’d felt like that in months.

LSM: And what happened then, did the spell work right away?

Carey: Not at first. I was a bit disappointed, the name of the spell suggest I would see “instant” results, but after two weeks nothing seemed to be happening. I emailed the spell people again, and voiced my concerns. They got back to me and assured me the spell was working. Apparently the name of their spell referred more to the fact you could download and start doing it instantly, than to getting instant results. They said that the spell needed a little time, but that it was working. Just because I couldn’t see it working, didn’t mean nothing was happening.

LSM: But it worked in the end, right?

Carey: Oh yes! The first sign came when Tony called. We hadn’t spoken since he left the house that night. I’d still been trying to get in touch, but he was screening his calls and wouldn’t speak to me. Then out of the blue one Monday afternoon, he called. That was amazing for two reasons – the first was that he called at all, and the second was that he did so on a Monday! He had never called me from work since moving.

The call was very brief. He just said that he knew he had hurt me, he was sorry, and that he wanted to check I was ok. I felt like screaming at him that of course I wasn’t ok. But I stayed calm and told him that I was in London, I was ok, and that I missed him. And that was it.

Then a couple of days later he called again. He asked when I was coming back to California. I told him I had no plans to ever come back. Why would I? There was nothing there for me any more. He seemed surprised, like he didn’t know how to respond. He was lost for words. He mumbled something about that being a shame, then made some excuse about having to go, and he hung up.

The third call came later than day. He was crying, and didn’t try and hide it. He said he couldn’t stop thinking about me. He told me he had been an idiot. That he didn’t care about this other woman, he had been stupid, and how much he regretted it.

LSM: Music to your ears?

Carey: You bet! I was over the moon. I had butterflies in my heart. But I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. I wanted him back, for sure. But after what he’d done, I wanted him to make the effort! I told him if he was serious, he was going to have to come and get me. I expected him to tell me he couldn’t get the time off, but to my amazement he said he would be on the next available flight – if I was willing to see him, he would come!

LSM: Wow. And did he actually come?

Carey: Yes – he arrived a couple of days later. I didn’t meet him at the airport, I was afraid I would be too emotional, and didn’t want to make a scene! So I bundled my mother off to the shops for the day, and he came to me. When was saw each other, for a few seconds neither of us was sure how to react, but he took me in his arms, and we both just started crying. It was a mix of happiness, relief, sadness at what had happened, stress, and exhaustion! But it felt totally right being back in his arms, and I knew I had forgiven him for everything.

LSM: That’s amazing. Did you live “happily every after”?

Carey: Pretty much. We spent the day just hugging, and talking. We talked a lot, about the pressure the move had put on me, and that the job had put on him. We didn’t really talk about the bimbo, but he made it very clear how stupid he knew he had been. I believed him, I knew he regretted it, and I knew he certainly didn’t love her.

He stayed a couple of nights (which upset my mother!) And then we arranged a fight back to California. Once there, things changed a lot. He cut his hours right back to something more manageable, and never worked weekends. We went house hunting every weekend for a month, and found a wonderful home. It was available immediately so we moved just a few weeks after that. Having our own place made a big difference. All the problems of our first few months were left behind in that old rented house. We could start over in the new one.

LSM: And you believe the love spell was responsible for all of this? For getting your husband back? Putting your life back on track?

Carey: 100%. We talked and talked about what happened, and what was amazing was that he would recount how on certain days he would get crazy strong feelings for me, that he would be literally overcome with powerful emotion and love. Those days matched up exactly with the days I had been doing the spell. So for me, there’s no doubt. The spell drove him to make that essential first step.

LSM: Does he know you used a spell?

Carey: Yes, he does now. I told him about six months after we moved into our new home. And he was fine with it. In fact, he wanted to know all about it. He said it explained those days of strong emotion. And he was happy I had done it, because it had put us back on the right path. But I haven’t told anyone else, at least, not until I started talking to you.

LSM: That’s an amazing story, and very heartwarming. Do you have any advice to any readers who might be considering using a love spell?

Carey: Do it! Don’t even hesitate! Why would you not use one? What have you got to lose? I guess some spells are expensive, or scams, but do some research and you’ll find the good ones. They’re easy to find, they have guarantees, and they’re not expensive. And how can you put a value on love anyway? So yes, if you are thinking about using one, then do it.

LSM: Thank you so much for sharing your storey Carey, and for taking the time to do this interview.

Carey: Well thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so! It’s great to be able to talk about it with someone who understands.

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  1. jennifer
    Jun 26 2011

    hi carey, my name is jennifer from CA aswell, i was wondering if u could be kind to share the website u got your love spell and the name of the love spell u used? as u know there is so many scamers waiting for broken hearted people to give money and no results, sinse ur spell worked i think it will be better for me to get it there as well. thank you.

  2. donnapark98
    Jul 9 2011

    Hi carey I am almost thru with my castings nothing has happened yet but I am still hopeful. I live in nyc and I really can’t see myself with anyone else so I will let u no in a few weeks what happens.

    • toastybuns
      May 9 2012

      Did you find out what spell was used?

  3. donnapark98
    Jul 19 2011

    Things didn’t turn out the way I ‘d hope they would not mad just a little sad but I hope it works for whom ever else uses it

  4. Mercury127
    Aug 22 2011

    Hi Carey,

    That’s a great story. I am in NYC as well, and was wondering which website and spell that you used? It would be really helpful to me, because there are so many people on the internet trying to take advantage of people who have been hurt by a relationship. Please be as specific about the site, and the name of the spell that you used.


  5. kamdizzy
    Dec 19 2011

    Hi Carey can you tell me what spell this is please I really want to try it

  6. tarotgirl
    Feb 20 2012

    hi carey
    im so interested to know this spell, please could you give me some details where you purchased.

  7. summergirl
    Mar 14 2012

    i got my ex back after 2 month and half break up. myself casted 6 love spell at home by myself… the last time we talk was a month ago. he was absolutly hate me and didnt want to deal with me anymore, and he even told me he was seeing someone else. BUT now he want to get back together. I dont know if those spell worked or he still loved me, but..woow.. in 2 and half week i did try 6 spell, and i do believe those spell helped me.

  8. Flaca91402
    Apr 1 2012

    Hi carey,
    Can u please give me the website u used to do ur spell. I really need it. Please help. Im very desperate…

  9. Flaca91402
    Apr 1 2012

    Hey carey,
    Can u please let me know what website u used
    To get your spell…

  10. Oct 4 2012

    Carey used this spell. Amelia (LSM Admin)

  11. 6jsmn9
    Dec 3 2012

    carey:) whats the name of the website you got your love spell?? and whats it called?..pleasee!!! help…thank you.!

  12. sarahmecca94
    Apr 25 2014

    hi carey! i was just wondering what amount of days would you say it took for your spell to actually have visual results? im in the same position and im just waiting now.

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