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June 9, 2011

How Did You Learn About Love Spells?

by Amelia Piper
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It’s probably fair to say that most people are not taught about the existence of, and use of love spells in school. Nor are they something your parents are likely to initiate you while you’re growing up. With those two primary sources of all our learning out of the picture, just how do people find out about the use of magic in love?

The ways people discover spells are about as diverse as the spells themselves. For me, it was a chance encounter with a friend of a friend. My friend knew I was unhappy after my relationship had ended, and their friend happened to be into casting love spells. So my friend brought the two of us together, and that was that! My relationship was fixed, and I had started on a journey to discover as much as I could about this branch of the metaphysical.

Others came via different routes. “A simple Google search is all it took,” says Gideon, a 32 year old computer programmer from a small town in Texas. “I had my eye on this local girl, but no idea how to approach her. I used the internet for everything else, so it seemed obvious to me to search on Google for ways to talk to women. After checking the first few results, I read something about a love spell,” he continues.

Gideon tells me that due to his logical kind of mind, he initially dismissed the idea as crazy talk, and continued going through different pages offered up in his web browser. “But love spells kept coming up time and again,” he says. “In the end I thought maybe this is something worth researching in more detail, so that’s what I did. After a few hours more reading into the early hours of the morning, I gave in and bought a spell. It had a money back guarantee, and I figured if it didn’t work I had lost nothing. And if it did work, to me it would be worth a hundred times the asking price.”

He wasn’t disappointed. “9 days after I cast the spell, I bumped into the girl in the street, and we got chatting. I say we, she did most of the talking. Even to me, someone who finds human relations difficult, intimidating, it was clear she was totally into me. We were going the same way into town, so just kind of hooked up for the rest of the day. And the rest, as they say, is history! We’re not together now, but we did spend two very happy years together. I broke it off for a few different reasons, but I never once regretted having used the spell. To my mind, there’s no doubt it was directly responsible for those two amazing years of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to use one again.”

New technology such as Google is becoming an increasingly common way to get the word out about magic and the metaphysical. Susannah, and shop assistant from North London, also used her computer to help her relationship. She tells me, “I actually found out about love spells from your website. A friend sent me the link.” Ok, so strictly speaking, that means Susannah found out about spells from a friend, which according to our not-very-scientific study, is the most common way people discover them. But hey, we’re happy to take some of the credit too!

Susannah’s spell was to get back with her boyfriend. “I thought we were good, but he obviously thought differently because he started seeing one of my mates. He never told me about it, just got on with it. At first I was pissed at him when I found out. Told him where to go. After about a week though, I realised I loved him, and I wanted him back. I was still angry, all these mixed feelings were confusing. I was talking to a mate on MSN, and she said she’d heard of people using spells to get back with their boyfriends. She sent me the link to your site, and I read every article you’ve published. I was up all night. When I was through, I bought a spell, and started right away.”

At first she didn’t see any results, and she was worried she’d been scammed. “I thought oh great, I made a stupid mistake because I bought this spell while I was tired and emotional. But then I thought screw it, I’ve paid for it, might as well try and see it through. And as you know, in the end it worked. It took a few weeks, but he came crawling back, begging me to take him back. I took the moral high ground for a while, made him grovel a bit, but only a bit mind! I was too happy at having him back. So yeah, a friend and your site were what got me on the right track.”

Out of the hundred or so people we talked to, more than half were introduced to spells by friends. And of those, most of the friends had themselves used love spells one way or another. It seems that when you’ve used a spell, you want to spread the word.

The next most common means of discovery is internet search, accounting for another 30% or so. Those were people who discovered the existence of spells directly through a search. But of our respondents, all of them used Google, Yahoo, or Bing to research spells having initially heard about them from whatever source.

After that, somewhat surprisingly, the humble bookshop ranks highly with 12 out of our 100 having picked up a physical book on the subject. Once again, all of these people then turned to the internet to continue their research. But the seed was planted by a book.

However they found out about love spells, all the people we asked had one thing in common – they wanted to spread the word – to pass on the idea that spells work. This is something we hear every day from readers who write to tell use their stories. Once you’ve experienced the joy a spell can bring, it’s natural to want to spread a little of that joy. That’s why I personally created this site – I wanted to help others discover the power of spells. Hopefully one day you will do so too, if you haven’t already.

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