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attract love into your life

5 Ways To Attract Love Into Your Life

This guest post is from Roger Marksham, a relationship councillor who has a different take on finding love. You see for some, love spells aren’t the answer. Good old fashioned techniques can work just as well! Here’s what Roger has to say‚Ķ

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Spell Book

Where Can I Find An Authentic Spell Book?

This is a guest article from Mandy Scherer, a long time reader of Love Spells Magazine, and an avid practitioner of spellcraft. Mandy successfully used a love spell to reunite herself with her long term boyfriend after they drifted apart. That began her interest in magic and spell work.

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Using Astral Projection To Improve Your Relationship

How many people have you met that told you that they had experienced deja vu, the sensation that they had been to a certain place or met a certain person before but yet they have no conscious memory of it? Some people will be reluctant to talk about it while others feel very comfortable with the subject because they believe in astral projection, an out of body experience.

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tarot love reading

What Can a Tarot Love Reading Tell You?

Love can be difficult at times. Sometimes couples may feel that they have grown apart from their lover, or wonder if their lover still feels the same love. Relationships can cause so many questions, and often it seems these questions do not have answers. If a relationship seems to be causing uncertainty, one of the best things to do, is to get a tarot love reading. These readings can bring peace of mind or clarity in any relationship.

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you a special case

Are You A Special Case?

In an email exchange with someone who was asking my advice on whether or not they should use a love spell, the following was said: “I don’t know, I don’t think it will work for me, my case is different”. Everyone thinks their case is unique, but is that really true?

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Bad Karma

Love Spell Myths Debunked: Bad Karma

Hands up anyone who ever heard that casting a spell on someone could result in bad karma? Don’t be shy if you think that’s true, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is you’re wrong, but that’s ok, there are far worse things to be wrong about, right?

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soul mate

Can Love Spells Find Your Soul Mate?

Most conversations I have about love spells, centre around their use in getting back together with an ex lover. Some people use them to get with someone they’ve had their eye on, but who isn’t showing the same kind of interest in return. But for some, a love spell is a way to find their soul mate.
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Are Love Spells Manipulative?

An accusation often levelled at love spells and those who use them, is that “magic” is a form of manipulation and is therefore immoral. It’s easy to understand why the uninitiated might think this way, after all, a love spell is generally intended to try and get someone to do something they’re not doing right now. Read more »