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Can You Tell If Someone Cast A Love Spell On You?

Have you ever suddenly been overcome with feelings of love or passion for someone? Feelings that came out of the blue? Have you ever suddenly, and without warning, felt the urge to get back together with your ex? If so, maybe you’ve had a love spell cast on you. Read more »


Basic Love Spell #3

This love spell, like all our free love spells, has been tested and works. As always, we still recommend using professionally prepared spells as they will usually provide quicker results.

The spell is for attracting a specific person to you. It can be cast by Read more »


Between Casting And Manifestation

The time between casting a love spell (or having one cast) and the first results starting to show, can be one of the hardest to cope with. Before the spell, you had hope and excitement, you were taking positive action. When the spell works, your life will be amazing. But what can you do with that difficult time in-between?

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Can Love Spells Cause Harm And Pain?

We think of love spells as being good and wonderful and fragrant, bringing joy and happiness, and of course love. But is there any chance that using a love spell can cause harm and pain? The answer is yes, but not for the reasons you might immediately think

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Putting A Price On Love

People often ask us where they can get a good love spell for free. Well naturally, your first port of call should be our free Love Spells section where we have some tried and tested spells you can use right now. But free love spells are limited in their effectiveness, for reasons we’ve talked about before. So why are folks so reluctant to pay for a spell?

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How To Reverse A Love Spell

Sometimes a love spell is cast, and the the person who wanted the spell changes their mind. This can happen for all sorts of reasons – a change of heart, a realisation that they don’t really want the person the spell was cast on, or a fear that the spell could have unexpected repercussions. What happens in this kind of situation? Is it possible to reverse a love spell?

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Basic Love Spell #2

This simple spell will attract a named person to you. If you are looking to attract someone new to you and don’t yet know them, you should try Basic Love Spell #1. The spell can be cast by men or women, and used to attract someone of either sex.

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Should You Use A Custom Love Spell?

The number of love spells available to purchase on the internet is growing every day. The latest trend is for custom, or bespoke, love spells that you cast yourself. Of course, spells cast by professional casters have always been somewhat bespoke, in that the caster will usually request a certain amount of information from the customer. They will then tailor their own spell to the particular situation.

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